Finding my footing or how to support my writing

Find your footing.

That was my theme for February. I picked the phrase mid-January, without expecting one of my income source to pause unexpectedly a couple of weeks later. Although I'm very fortunate to have a roof over my head, it has made me feel imbalanced. So in an attempt at finding time for the stories I'm itching to share with you, I've set up a Ko-fi account (click here to visit). You can see it as a way to meet me in a virtual café, pay me a hot cup of tea and in return we'll chat about writing. I've uploaded all my previous short stories, as well as the cute, queer short story set in a café I wrote thanks to Susan Dennard's Story a Month Challenge. Next week I’ll add a first draft of the one I’ve been working on in February.

I've also put the very first preview of the novella I'm working on, with a little context on how I wrote it and how I'm revising it. Every Monday I’m writing a short update.

I'm well aware that these times are strange and hard for everyone, so I'll still be uploading my short stories to my blog, but with a monthly gap. My novella won’t only be shared elsewhere for some time, though.

Thanks for your support, whether it's a virtual cup of tea, a comment on the blog, a participation to a workshop or anything else.

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